Workout at your desk.

Workout at your desk.

Set an alarm on your computer or smart phone. Every hour, have a little ringer go off to remind you to take a stretch, march in place, do a few pushups beside your desk or do a set of jumping jacks. Google office yoga. You’ll find dozens of poses to get your blood and creative juices flowing again. Even if you just set that alarm device on a shelf across the room, you’ll be forced to get up and out of your chair to turn it off.

Forward Fold Yoga Post at Office

• Earn bonus points! Once you’re up, try a forward fold! Stand next to your desk and with a soft, micro-bend in your knees, fold over in half and let gravity take over. Hold that position for 5-6 breathes and sway side to side if that feels good. By letting your arms and head hang, your neck and shoulders will decompress from all that desk time. Best of all, reversing the blood flow will give you a boost of energy until that next alarm rings.

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