Yes, you need to write well

Yes, you need to write well

What’s the one thing that any PR professional absolutely needs to have to be successful? If you ask me – it’s the ability to write well. Almost everything we do as PR professionals centers on writing. Which is why I was rather surprised to read in a blog titled 2012 PR Prediction: 5 guaranteed (ways) to affect your resume, which implies that the ability to write is overblown.

In bullet point No. 1: PR skills will move beyond media relations, an excerpt from the blog says:

While a press release does not necessarily need to be well-written, a PR professional must now be able to ghost author a blog in a CEO’s tone and style.

Really – that’s news to me. Obviously if I’m going to write a blog on behalf of the CEO, I’m going to make sure it’s well written. The CEO’s name is on there and that person is the face of the company. The act of writing a press release is also a reflection of the company. Why should one take precedence over the other? The answer is they shouldn’t. 

Another reason (among many) why you should focus on how your press releases are written is its targeted audience. If anyone can spot a poorly written press release it’s a journalist. And what do you think an editor or reporter is going to do if they receive a poorly written press release? Hmmm…I wonder…

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