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Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents an exciting new tool for marketing professionals to use in accomplishing various tasks in a more efficient manner. As a result, the majority of marketers and agencies have incorporated some degree of AI usage into their operations, and the LePoidevin Marketing team is no exception. We use AI for in-depth behavioral data collection, campaign personalization, proofing, basic image searches and other research-based tasks. Not only does AI help provide options, but it also frees up more of our time for more complex work on marketing strategy, video production, writing and design and using our industry experience and marketing expertise to move our clients’ brands forward.


We are consistently working to increase our understanding of the benefits and shortcomings of AI, especially as it continues to develop, to ensure we are taking full advantage of its opportunities without compromising on the quality or accuracy of our work. Clients can be assured that the informed, intelligent, quality content and complete transparency they have come to expect from LePoidevin Marketing will not change.

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