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As an agency that works with the media daily, the irony is not lost on us that our story begins with an ad in an in-flight magazine.

Dean LePoidevin was on his way to Texas to sell luxury cars to auto dealers, when a help-wanted ad for an agency leadership position piqued his interest. He had a resume full of corporate communications experience, including broadcasting, video production, marketing leadership and sales success, and the opportunity to apply his breadth of experience was too good to pass up. He took the job leading a direct and database marketing team at a leading firm that serviced several national clients.

Then, in September of 1997 Dean put his diverse background to work in a new venture by starting his own firm.

Leveraging his experience in marketing for clients in the animal health, pest control, agriculture and turf and ornamental industries, Dean set up shop in a small basement office in Hartland, Wis. and started the B2B agency that would soon be known as LePoidevin Marketing.



A lot has changed since 1997. LePoidevin Marketing now resides in a third-floor office in Brookfield, Wis. and has grown its full-service team to accommodate the B2B marketing needs that companies face today. Over the past two decades, our team members’ vast experience has led to the launch of many successful brands, the incorporation of new marketing technologies and resulting opportunities for us to grow as an agency.

Despite all the changes the business has seen, much of our focus and dedication to client success has remained consistent. We believe that industry specialization is key for B2B agency growth, as it allows the team to develop and expand specific industry knowledge. B2B customers are not fooled by flashy imagery or catchy slogans. An agency must understand the product, the sales channels, the category competition and the industry history to produce meaningful strategies, messages, concepts and content that drives leads.

Our decision to specialize has paid off, as the majority of our business is still in the same verticals Dean started with on day one. We are still a proven presence in our key markets that can provide value to anyone from those new to the industry to century-old businesses.




With several clients and employees that have been with LePoidevin for more than 15 years, the future will likely be much like the present – only better. We anticipate that B2B marketing will continue to evolve, and we are both excited and ready for the challenges to come. In the meantime, our dedication to providing and executing informed, full-service marketing strategies for our clients is here to stay.

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