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PUBLIC RELATIONS – We make sure your voice is heard.

As experts in your field, you have a lot to contribute to the relevant conversations surrounding the industry. We work with you to identify opportunities, develop relationships with B2B media contacts and deliver relevant content that will earn key placements and get your many messages in front of the right audiences. From press releases announcing important updates to informative articles, white papers and thought-provoking trend pieces, LePoidevin has got your content marketing needs covered.

BRAND STRATEGY – Let’s show the world who you are.

Successful campaigns start with an informed and fully integrated marketing plan that lays out goals, strategies and tactics derived from a deep understanding of you and your business. We put in the work to get to know you, help you get to know yourself and make sure your audiences across your entire industry recognize and understand your brand.


LEAD GENERATION – Convert marketing into sales.

The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to drive business. Optimizing lead generation starts with research that influences messaging and ends with thorough tracking of your audience’s behavior to dictate follow-ups and next steps. Whether you’re preserving long-term growth with public relations, delivering product information via direct marketing or running a short-term advertising campaign, we will work with you to ensure each effort is well-executed and results in a boost in sales.

DIGITAL MARKETING – Growing your online presence is easy as S-E-O.

Adding a keyword strategy to your website or well-placed hashtags on social media may not seem like a big change, but they can have a huge impact on your visibility and lead generation. We work to develop a specific plan to grow both the quality and quantity of eyes on your content across the digital landscape.




TRADE SHOWS – Make the most of your industry’s expos.

Even in the digital age, nothing beats face-to-face interaction with prospects and customers for building a positive brand impression, and event marketing offers so many opportunities for companies to do just that. We can help you make your best first impression with impactful booth design and construction, in-booth promotional ideas and impactful on-site advertising, while our public relations team connects you with attending media for valuable facetime and a boost in earned coverage. Our team members also attend the leading industry shows to gain valuable insights that we can put to work for you.

DIRECT MARKETING – Send the right messages to the right places.

Generating leads for B2B companies requires a highly targeted approach. You have a unique audience and want to make sure that every set of eyes on your ads, mailers, eblasts and other marketing materials has a reason to act upon them. Our direct marketing campaigns deliver on quality and relevance to produce the best response and return on your investment.


CONTENT DEVELOPMENT – When we say we’re full-service, we mean it.

Your key messages can go a long way through various media channels to help make the most of everything you offer. We are constantly working to find new and innovative ways to develop and distribute content, whether that’s through print, video, social media or a channel completely unique to you. Our team is always up for the challenge.

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