Our philosophy is simple

We’re all about you.

By creating a unique brand experience for every client we serve, we craft messages that deliver meaningful information and tell potent stories. Our approach focuses on what we believe to be the most important element of all: people. Driven to create value and overcome obstacles, we represent you the way we represent ourselves — by pushing boundaries and delivering results. We’re fascinated with making something that as a whole, is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Challenge, meet your match.

We practice collaboration on all levels. We learn about your company, brand, market and your competition. Bringing this extensive knowledge to the table, we listen to you. Working together to advance your position is the most important aspect of how we work — and it comes naturally.


After we research and listen to you, we get to work: thinking, (more) researching, concepting and planning. Once the BIG PICTURE has been established, we look at it from every angle, devising strategies that deliver impact with measurable ROI. You already have a voice; let us be your amplifier.


We color outside of the lines because creative solutions rarely fit the mold. Our ideas are devised from understanding your specific market and competition — our strategies are designed to position your brand as the industry leader. We develop solutions that don’t simply add a bit of creativity to the process. With LePoidevin, creativity IS the process.


Nothing truly operates independently, and we don’t think in a linear, ‘within the box’ sort of manner. We analyze everything; not just at the end, but all along the way. We come to careful, measured conclusions, then we refine and rework. We never stop.


What Defines You?

Every brand has a personality.


Understanding your brand can help you strengthen your connection with current – and potential – customers. In other words, adding a little color can add a lot of value.



To say that our clients are important to us is an understatement.

We’re proud of the relationships that we’ve built and maintained over the years, and we truly believe that by focusing on how to best serve our clients, we can achieve success together.


Combined Experience


Team Tenure


Client Tenure


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This is the perfect time to show instead of tell.

Our commitment to excellence guides our actions. Creating solutions that enhance your brand, energize your business and increase your sales is our inspiration. Invigorated by any challenge, our service bears positive results.

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There’s potential energy, and then there’s kinetic energy.

When you’re looking for a marketing team, you’re looking for people who comprehend you, your brand and your client base. You don’t need potential; you need movement.

Dean LePoidevin
President | Strategic Director
Gregg Kerttula
Creative Director
Karen Enriquez-Wagner
Senior Account Executive
Angela Mork
Account Supervisor |
Strategic Content Development
Steve Staedler
Senior Account Executive |
Public Relations
Michael Isaacson
Senior Account Executive
Chris Wemmert
Director of Digital Marketing
John Konecny
Senior Graphic Designer
Chris Vitale
Graphic Designer
Erin Christman
Betsy Cook
Graphic Designer
Ben Borden
Digital Content Manager
Jen Bachmann
Office Manager

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