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WE are a brand development firm with 20+ years of experience in the medical device, animal health, professional tool, electrical component, pest control and packaging & material handling industries. We measure our relationships in years, not projects, with clients ranging from family-owned factories to multinational corporations.


We are a hardworking senior-level team who believe that a solid strategic foundation, not the newest trends, should be the basis of every marketing campaign. Yes, we’re full service. But more importantly, we know when to do what. We listen to you, study your business goals and recommend the best strategy and tactics to meet them. As a net-bill agency, we don’t charge commissions or mark-ups on outside goods and services purchased on our clients’ behalf.

Dean LePoidevin
President | Strategic Director
Karen Enriquez-Wagner
Senior Account Executive
Steve Staedler
Senior Account Executive |
Public Relations
Michael Isaacson
Senior Account Executive
Susan Wirth
Senior Account Executive |
Public Relations
Ben Borden
Digital Content Manager


Brands that are impactful. Have longevity. It’s what your company strives for and what we create at LePoidevin Marketing.

What Defines You?

Every brand has a personality.


Understanding your brand can help you strengthen your connection with current – and potential – customers. In other words, adding a little color can add a lot of value.



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